Add a Search Account

A search account is a Twitter account that Dailead will scan for your leads.

The search account could be the Twitter account of a:

  • Competitor
  • Leader of your industry
  • Influencer

When you indicate a search account, you are letting Dailead knows that this account has followers from your target audience.

To add a search account go to Search Account screen and type a new Twitter @handle.

After you add a search account, Dailead will scan the followers a couple of times per day.

Then will categorize, filter and find the emails of the most valuable followers of that search account.

When Dailead finds leads, will present them in your Search screen.

The platform use the Twitter API and honors their limits, that’s why the process of gathering leads could take a while.

Keep an eye on the Next Wave of Leads countdown to know when will be the next time Dailead will retrieve new leads for you.

Now, see how you can create a smart filter to narrow your target audience.