Unlock/Archive Leads

In the Search screen you will find you list of raw leads waiting for you to filter and unlock the most valuable ones or archive those that are not attractive to you.

In the left corner of each lead you’ll find two actions:

  • Unlock
  • Archive

The Unlock button will take that lead to My Leads screen so you can take further action and add that lead to a Campaign.

The Archive button will make that lead disappear and you won’t see it again in the future.

If you want to Unlock or Archive in bulk just click on the profile picture of each lead and bulk actions will appear at the top right of your current search.

If you perform a search, you’ll see two shortcuts to take bulk action with the leads included in the current search criteria:

  • Unlock All
  • Archive All


After you have an audience on My Leads screen, you can export your leads.